Gateway and Enclosure for  Zona Franca Aduanera 


The access to the Zona Franca Aduanera must be a milestone in the Logistic Area. 


The entrance is the main point to be recognized  and it should be at the same time the image of the values of the facility it represents.

It must be a safe restricted area with a welcoming entrance. It must be a low consuming building and  the green skin will make the entrance change every season.

[ Under construction. ]


Consorci de la ZonaFranca

Location: Carrer 5 Zona Franca, Barcelona

Investment: 1.000.000 €

Surface: 5.000 m2

Year: 2015

Collaborators: Carla Lladó, Sònia Lamesa,

Alejandro Rodríguez & Samuel Csáder