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Tourism and territory

It was decided that tourism was a topic that have to be develop further and new places and programs have to be put on discussion. Thus, La Manga del Mar Menor emerged as a perfect candidate of the first semester, for being known as a huge coastal touristic development, that while firstly conceived by Bonet Castellana as a new touristic resort model, have resulted in an extremely low quality environment, consequence of real estate speculation and low administrative control. This, was thus, an opportunity to work on an urban environment characterized for its high rate of second residences and low architecture quality that remain empty for the most of the year. An area in a process of urban decay, probably the highest expression of the failure of an out date model in the whole Spanish coast, that had to be faced radically by students.

Year: 2018-2019

Location: Reus, Tarragona

University: Ear Architecture School,URV

Coordinator: Manel Bailo

Professors: : Manel Bailo, Pedro Garcia, Dani Lorenzo, Marc Manzano, Inés de Rivera

LoCa Studio Architecture Barcelona
LoCa Studio Architecture Barcelona
LoCa Studio Architecture Barcelona
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