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During the 1st semester, the course was set along the Ebro River, from Mora to Riba Roja, two towns located at a distance of approximately 25km length. An area that is organized now under the influence of the Flix nuclear plant, similar to the castles from medieval ages still on place along the river. The interest of the course, was on discussing new ways to reorganize low density areas by taking advantage of the foreseen change of energy production systems and the obsolescence and planned end of the Flix nuclear plant.

Focus on housing, the 2nd semester required the visit to buildings across Europe previous to intervene in the neighborhood of Sant Salvador, in Tarragona. This working class area build in the 70’s next to the petroleum refinery established in the outskits of the city has been never provided with equipments and remain isolated and segregated, making difficult the social –economic improvements of the people there accommodated. The exercices, opened a discussion about intervention in the existing structures by considering the qualities of the area and the buildings and the people demands and necessities.

An exercise that mostly required students to improve living conditions from the inside of the people dwellings.

Following the same topic, the last exercise of the semester was set in Seseña, Toledo. A town that bloomed during the years previous to the economic crisis of 2007 under the promise of offering cheap houses for people working in Madrid at 50km distance from the city.

This, for years, ghost town, build without any link to the location, had to be integrated to the existing by modifying the landscape and the nearby limits. An exercise to improve living conditions from the outside of the houses, assuming the buildings how they were build.

Year: 2016-2017

Location: Reus, Tarragona

University: EAR Escola Técnica Superior D'Arquitectura, URV

Coordinator:Benedetta Rodeghiero

Professors: : Ernest Ferrer, Daniel lorenzo, Benedetta Rodeghiero, Josep Maria Solé

LoCa Studio Architects Barcelona
LoCa Studio Architects Barcelona
LoCa Studio Architects Barcelona
LoCa Studio Architects Barcelona
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