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For the 1st semester the exercices required the students the study of Reus, a city of 200.000 inhabitants by tracking the radial connections from the center to the periphery to later pick a masia, a traditional farm, following the previous axis analyzed, to develop a housing community.

A way to explore new living formats and housing offer to according to current demand, link urban equipment with the countryside natural conditions.

During the 2nd semester, the objective was to explore the area between the inland town of Vila-seca and the nearby coastal development of La Pineda, disrupted by the industrial areas link to the Port of Tarragona. The exercise required the development of interventions that questioned the existing division by activities: urban, tourism, industry, and the increment of the urban complexity and diversity to improve the living conditions in the area and ensure long term sustainability.

Year: 2015-2016

Location: Reus, Tarragona

University: EAR Escola Técnica Superior D'Arquitectura, URV

Coordinator:Benedetta Rodeghiero

Professors: : Ernest Ferrer, Daniel lorenzo, Benedetta Rodeghiero, Josep Maria Solé

LoCa Studio Architects Barcelona
LoCa Studio Architects Barcelona
LoCa Studio Architects Barcelona
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