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Tia Teresina

"Tia Teresina" is a tribute from the nephews to the historical owner of the house: Tia Teresina.

The aim of the project was to reform the single-family house, located between the mountains of Prades, in Catalunya, into a holiday house, to keep the family close.

The main intervention was the transformation of the ground floor area to improve the connection with the exterior, creating a new backyard with the help of traditional materials and vegetation.


Location: Prades,Tarragona

Budget: 250.000€

Floor Area: 80 m2 + 200 m2

Year: 2021

Collaborators: Helen Wrobel,

Sara Pecorara, Elena Robatto,

Maria Beatrice Fenoglio

Constructors: Albert Josa, Jacob Borrull

TiaTeresina _ Floorplan_ Illustration
TiaTeresina - Illustration Galeria
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