This triplex in the city center of Barcelona was converted into a four storey house by extending and adding the next floor of the building.  The challenge was to convert it into one single home where you would not notice the addition from the inner space.
The easiest part was to extend the existing materials , like wood,  up to the new floor and extend the new modern style down.
Regarding to the reorganization of the space itself  the first step was to open a big double space between the groundfloor living and the first floor studio. This opening would highlight the entrance of sunlight and the connections of the common spaces. The second double space would connect this studio with the new added floor, this way the three main floors would be connected through visuals, air and light.
The basement would maintain its privacy and independency as a bunker that only connects directly with the garden and the exterior patio to have his own silence and light.



Location: Eixample, Barcelona

Surface: 200 m2

Year: 2019

Collaborators: Cristina Requejo, Aina Alemany,

 Huai Hsin Kuo