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LoCa Studio Architects Arquitectos Barcelona

Location: Horta, Barcelona

Budget: 150.000 €

Floor Area: 110 m2

Year: 2019

Collaborators: Alberto Espinosa, Aina Alemany, Kuo Huai Hsin 


Eric and Wendy have lived in the Barcelona neighbourhood of Horta for years, and feel very attached to it and to the city. They moved into a ground floor apartment with a back patio that could provide the perfect backdrop for creating their home, an art workshop and a direct sales store.

Some years later, they had the chance to buy their neighbour’s warehouse and expand their living space, studio and beautiful workshop-store.

The key point of the plan was to open the new warehouse to the existing patio their house had. That way the dark warehouse could become a beautifully lit space.

The newly combined area would become a bigger and brighter workspace store, with the previous space expanding the living space too.

Materials were inspired by nature and organic textures; not only to continue the aesthetic of the existing space but also to work with materials the owners would feel comfortable and happy to build with, contributing as much as possible in the construction process. This was the material starting point for the project.


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