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Taulat Tower

Taulat Tower

This vividly colored powerful dwelling reflects the feeling of a place designed to co-live.

We needed to highlight the common spaces, to invite co-livers to share and enjoy moments, relax, learn, cook, etc., and at the same time we also needed to provide high-quality private spaces so everyone would have privacy when needed.

The layout, the different floors, and the terraces (3!) were key to making this project work, and to make it feel like a home.


Location: Poblenou, Barcelona


Floor Area: 250m2

Year: 2021

Collaborators: Alberto Espinosa, Cristina Requejo, Maria Beatrice Fenoglio, Sara Pecorara
Constructor:RMR Retails
Photographer: Enya Arrigoni

Taulat Tower -project by LoCa Architecture Studio in Barcelona
space photo
space photo
space photo
space details
bathroom space photo
space photos
space photos
Outer space photos
details photo
Outer space photo
Outer details photo
TaulatTower axonometry terraza
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