The Tabacalera, the tobacco factory, is an iconic building in Tarragona that despite its passed intense activity, is today empty and waiting for new uses to host. In 2017, the municipality of Tarragona opened a competition in search of strategies to shape the new cultural hub of the city.

The scale of the intervention, similar to the British Museum in London, required to orientate the proposal on 30 years’ time. First phases, however, shift already the common city axes and fosters the connection following the river’s flow through locating the museum on the north face of the plot. Later, the building is progressively incorporating other uses and widening the permeability of the plot in the east – west direction.


Location: Tarragona, Tarragona

Surface: 59.700 m2

Year: 2017

Collaborators: TDI Enginyers - Enginieers

Josep Domingo - Architect

Pau Serra - Architect

Jordi Ferran - Architect

Pablo Herranz - Architect

Daniel Lorenzo - Architect

Iván Pino - Technical Architect

Jesús Escolano - Technical Architect

Anna Boltà - Junior Architect

Josuè Aguadè - Architect Student

Andreu Melgar - Classic Archeologist

Daniel Solés - Librarian

Judith Prast - Archeologist

Josep Carod - Economist

LoCa Studio Architects Barcelona
LoCa Studio Architects Barcelona