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SUMP Tbilisi

SUMP Tbilisi

SUMP - Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan for the Tbilisi metropolitan

During 3 years LoCa Studio has collaborated in the Tbilisi SUMP, the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan of the Georgian capital. 

LoCa’s collaboration has focused on the urban assessment of the plan first and secondly on the development of the TOD (Transport Oriented Development Plan) for Isani.


We have collaborated on identifying land use plan gaps and opportunities. Floor area ratio was recommended to be concentrated on transport nodes according to plan. From urban nodes of higher plan density, Isani was identified to be developed as a blueprint to assess potentials and elaborate development strategies according to Tbilisi physical and socio economic conditions.  


Location: Tbilisi, Georgia


Floor Area: 726 km2

Year: 2020-2023

Team: Alberto Espinosa, Olaf Puente, Sara Pecorara

Collaborator: Ramboll 

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