The Plan de usos del distrito de Ciutat Vella, is a project promoted by the Barcelona City Council.

The new arrangement of the public use, food shops, tourist services and other activities calls for the role of urban planning as an instrument to put the city as a common good before the free market.

The plan seeks to balance urban uses with the regulation of public activities and others, taking into account the repercussions they have on the residential zone. It is a document that seeks to maintain the habitability of Ciutat Vella and the quality of life of its neighbors.


Plan Usos Ciutat Vella

Location: Ciutat Vella, Barcelona

Surface: 4,37 km2

Year: 2017


300.000 km/s
Mar Santamaria i Varas
Pablo Martínez Díez
Juridic Assistance: Graciela Chaia

Technical Assistance: Carlota Casanova and Daniel Lorenzo

LoCa Studio Architects Barcelona

Cartografia de dades a Ciutat Vella

Drawing: 300.000 km/s