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Passeig Joan Estelrich​

The project aims to maintain the perspective of the street in the central part, keeping the view delimited by the palm trees, the Font house,

and the Calvari mountain.

The extension of the parterre strip allows the generation of a new space intended for mixed uses that are interspersed, such as access to the portasses, the placates domèstiques, or the planting of shrubby vegetation.

The side lanes become wide sidewalks and the material and topographic unification allow the image of the street to be enhanced as a single whole as a longitudinal plaza.

Passeig Joan Estelrich

Location: Felanitx, Mallorca

Budget: 400 000 €

Floor Area: 4.300 m2

Year: 2022

Team: Alberto Espinosa

Collaborator: Margalida Canet

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construction site
construction site
construction site
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