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Nestle Edificio 3

Office renovation for the Nestlé Spain Headquarters in Barcelona,


Post-Covid office design is challenging. Modern workplaces prioritize physical and mental health, home offices, greenery, and outer space.

Nestlé and LoCa aim to make Smart Campus not only a conventional workplace but a place for both personal and professional growth.

A modern and efficient office layout revolves around bright white light cores. Private work areas are designed around activity cores that can accommodate higher sound levels.

Color is strategically used to prioritize and organize various spaces: orange is for productivity, green for collaboration, and blue for relaxation.

LoCa offers sustainable spaces for socializing, play, and coffee enjoyment, reflecting Nestlé's commitment to well-being.

NESTLE, Edificio 3

Location: Esplugues de Llobregat, Barcelona, España

Budget: 306.000 

Floor Area: 650 m2

Year: 2023

Client: Nestle España 

Constructor: Tetris – design x build

Collaborators: Flor Bottarini

(Workplace Manager Nestlé España)

Team: Maria Lucia Cicero, Cristina Requejo,

Alberto Espinosa, Olaf Puente

Photographer: Enya Arrigoni

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space photo
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