MAXVIEL is an insurance company that has been present in Tacoronte for more than 20 years.

It is the moment of a generational renovation in the company and the facade has to transmit the new message to its old clients and has to work to grow and gain new ones.


The area is, or more precisely was, a little too aggressive and not secure enough for pedestrians. 

The main object of the proposal is to make people feel that they are in a domestic, welcoming and safe place.


Fine materials, vegetation, the right lighting and bright colors to communicate the new way of doing things and renovating the relationship with people and the town.

MAXVIEL's front entrance is transformed and shared as public space with the citizens.


Location: Tacoronte, Tenerife

Investment: 6.000 €

Surface: 100 m2

Year: 2015

Collaborators: Carla Lladó