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Los Llanos   

The Local Council for the island of La Palma in the Canary Islands wishes to promote a new housing model to respond to increasing demand from the elderly. A total of 68 individual houses and 18 double units are organised into 8 blocks with the aim of generating micro communities within the building, offering catering and healthcare to all occupants. All units are exterior facing two opposite sides to guarantee good ventilation and sunlight. Likewise, access is through the front terrace to promote contact between neighbours. 

The plot, higher on the north side, allows the logistic infrastructures to be concealed at a lower level, with minimum earth removal. Common services such as catering, cafeteria, reception, and daycare areas are located on the ground floor in direct contact with the gardens, also accessible from the street. This distribution seeks to increase interaction between members of the community and the town’s locals by sharing the space and improving the sustainability of the services offered, opening them up to the city. 

Construction makes use of traditional knowledge and materials to emphasise the sense of belonging and comfort. Concrete blocks and wooden carpentry shape the façade walls while minimal metal handrails and wooden shades protect terraces and corridors and provide a response to the variety of personal requirements and preferences.  


L O S   L L A N O S

Location: Los Llanos, La Palma

Budget: 450.000 €

Floor Area: 9.200 m2

Year: 2020

Collaborators: Cristina Requejo, Aina Alemany

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