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Las hormigas de Azcapotzalco

An easy-to-build platform as an extension of the existing sidewalk;

a path of lights linking the main street Avenida Ceylan to the new park; street painting recalling the spatial pattern in ant colonies, while signaling a slowdown for cars and trucks; “Mexican” bright colors. 

Small and fast interventions for the social appropriation of the street as new urban space for kids to play, parents to meet, and workers to rest.

A social regeneration of the industrial neighborhood in Azcapotzalco reinterpreting the concept of Community: each social group is imagined as a specific type of ant; each type of ant is part of the same colony; each ant colony is a mixed and interrelated organism. 

Location: Azcapotzalco, Mexico City

Floor Area: 180 m street

Year: 2023

Team:  Giulia Condulmari, Ching-Yuan Kao

Collaborators: CMAS, research and

design lab in Mexico City

LoCaStudio_Azcapotzalco-01 copia.png
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