l  a    m  a  l    d  i  t  a   is a  cafe for light lunch in  Poble Nou in Barcelona. The location is interesting due to the proximity to the main music industry companies in the city.  This particularity brings to the district musicians, producers, editors and many other people.
The Project as a whole is a proposal that involves the gastronomic approach, the atmosphere and the naming. A new place in the neighbourhood based on the demand but also on the oportunities.
 l  a    m  a  l    d  i  t  a   wants to be a happy fun look place were either you can have a fast light lunch or you can chill and work with a late coffee. A corner where you feel homy and confortable but in a active maner. Big showcases facing a colorful and bright interior full of nice smooth textures!



Location: El Poblenou, Barcelona

Investment: 130.000 €

Surface: 70 m2

Year: 2019

Collaborators: Aina Alemany, Kai Ting Chan

Photography: María Lordán