The original situation of the flat to intervene in was a complete romantic chaos of books.

Over the years it became a storage for books, but needed to continue being a home and a place to study and work at.

The owner, a professor of philology, did not want to get rid of a single paper or book.

Our goal was to reorganize all the bookshelves so the place could become a brighter, warmer and more comfortable studio to read and live in.

As a plus, the studio was Daniel Lorenzo’s father’s, so the project became a personal challenge to convince Mr.Lorenzo of letting us get into his treasures and upgrade the space into  a more dignified and better place to be.


Location: La laguna, Tenerife

Investment: 35.000 €

Surface: 80 m2

Year: 2014

Collaborators: Lara Ferrer

Photography: LoCa Studio