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La Roca – Parque deportivo

La Roca – Parque deportivo

La Roca represents an opportunity to link the green area and the public space with the natural topography and cliffs that characterize the neighbourhood Cuesta de Piedra.

The project proposes an architectonic and urbanistic strategy that invites the neighbours to practice sports and exercise by eliminating the barriers between the equipment and the public space on its surroundings.  

The building adjusts to the topography and improves the connection between the surroundings by dividing the public program in two levels.


Location: Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Budget:  316.759€ 

Floor Area: 9.167 m2

Year: 2022

Collaborators: Manuel Losada Herrero (engineer),

Alba Villacampa (landscape architect) 

Team: Roser Roca, Cheng Wei, Nils Dahlman,

Marialaura Dotoli

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