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JG Cellar competition  

As ​part of their expansion plan, the family group Juan Gil launched a design competition for a new cellar in La Rioja, the most productive wine region in Spain. Paying tribute to the founder, Rosario Vera, the cellar, in addition to accommodating the expert technical and logistic criteria that characterises the company, also houses a visitor and commercial area, connecting it to the town of La Guardia. The proposal divides and scales volumes to minimise the impact on the land and facilitate the use of the roofs for events, while fostering natural light within the workspace.

Territorios Vivos

Location: Laguardia, Álava

Year: 2019

Developer: Gil Family States

Second prize ex aecuo 

Collaborators: Cheryl Bassan & Denise Preschel, +  Preschl + Bassan Studio
Cristina Requejo, Ludovica Bruni, Evangelia Drosou.

LoCa Studio Architects Barcelona
LoCa Studio Architects Barcelona
LoCa Studio Architects Barcelona
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