The personal dream of Koen, a Physioteherapist specialized in running therapy, health coaching & sports pains.

The formal and conceptual proposal sprouted from Koen’s love for nature, nature’s colors and nature’s materials. The place needed to be calm and quiet, we wanted to avoid the disturbing clinic atmosphere and we were seeking the silence of nature.


A wooden strip unifies the space as a ribbon that embraces everything.

The strip is an excuse and an opportunity to define furniture, signage, storage or lighting, a single distinctive element that organizes the spaces.

An element that simplifies the constructive solutions to one only material that transforms and adapts to every situation with the flexibility of a  human body.


Location: Barcelona

Investment: 80.000 €

Surface: 200 m2

Year: 2018

Collaborators: : Carmen Castañs

Andrea Botta

Botond Váradi