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Transformation of an old industrial space/parking into a modern office area in Espai Serrahima, Barcelona.

Located in Espai Serrahima which was once a textile factory with a metal structure added in the 1970s, this industrial building has been renovated to highlight its unique features and improve comfort and ventilation. The result is a modern and appealing workspace that has gone through various uses before becoming an office.

The Forkstone project removes interior divisions and adds large openings to connect the interior with its surroundings of Fira, Montjuïc, and Plaza de España. New openings bring in natural light and fresh air, transforming the façade from its previously closed state.

The clever use of color and emphasis on the unique structure,

the scale of the space its industrial history, and some playful materials create a lively and enjoyable atmosphere.


Location: Espai Serrahima, Barcelona

Budget: 700.000 €

Floor Area: 1.600 m2

Year: 2023

Collaborators: Roser Roca, Michele Ruggiero,

Helen Wrobel

Photographer: Pol Viladoms

Serrahima 1 foto
Serrahima_02 photo
Serrahima_3 photo
Forkstone_4 photo
Forkstone_5 photo
Forkstone_6 photo
Forkstone_7 photo
Forkstone_8 photo
Serrahima_9 photo
Forkstone_10 photo
Forkstone_11 photo
Forkstone_12 photo
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