FARMUNTANER  is a pharmacy is located in the Eixample district of Barcelona since the beginning of the 20th century.  The original space had never been refurbished before. The pharmacist's first requirement was to increase the exhibition area, which was not adequate to the actual demand and transform it into a brighter space.


The project doubles the initial space with a low investment rate (600€/m2) and provides the commerce with a new laboratory, offices, cloakroom, storage, toilette and a reception.


Different from archetypal pharmacies, the space, furniture and lighting invite customers to stay in.

Differentiation in the market by the quality of the space and the service offered was our premise but also the client's original interest. Conservation of modernistic elements links past and present, keeping neighboring linkages and familiarity was crucial for the customers’ acceptance.


Location: Muntaner 83, Barcelona

Investment aprox: 110.000 €

Surface: 120 m2

Year:  2011

Collaborators: Pepe Ramos

Photography: Graph