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During the first course, students are introduced to design and architectural projects by means of exercises in which they have to graphically record a situation, propose a transformation and carry it out. The structure of the course requires students to gradually come into contact with real conditions on a 1:1 scale.


Once small introductory exercises are completed, the process starts with the study of an area in the general working area, analyzing natural and physical conditions and characteristics. Later, students have to pick the element they want to work with, to make a design and build. 


During 20112/13, a shelter in a tree had to be designed and built. During 2013/14, they were commissioned to make and build a shelter in the uneven brown field next to the architecture school.


The constructions have to then be transferred to paper on a smaller scale, using architectural representation techniques while starting to create a personal graphic language, reflecting their perspective and working interest.

Year: 2012-2014

Location: Reus, Tarragona

University: Ear Architecture School,URV

Coordinator: Jaume Farreny 

Professors: : Jaume Farreny, Josep Maria Toldrà, Francisco Cifuentes, Daniel Lorenzo, Roger Miralles

LoCa Studio Architects Barcelona
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