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Hidden from the outside, a previously industrial space is rediscovered within the neighborhood of Poble Sec in Barcelona. A hard concret structure of 3 levels remains in the courthard of a block in the neighborhood, accesible through a long – narrow ground floor connection below a housing building. The heigh of the roofs, the power of the structure and the proportion of the space opened a discussion about the potential uses of the space: events, office, housing, ... what this place may be? Strategies were developed and assesed in close development with the promotor to determine its highest and best use at the same time that its architecture special virtues were boosted. The renovation is ongoing: patios are being opened, new stairs build, a terrrace paved, the back wall freed, natural ventilation enhanced through new openings, ... 


Location: Barcelona, Spain

Floor Area: 450m2

Year: 2023

Collaborators:  Roser Roca, Gador Luque,

Maria Karatmisou

Liz - Wan-Ting Chun

02.00PROY PlantaBaja-02.00PROY PlantaBaja.jpg
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