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Model. Festival d’Arquitectures de Barcelona 2023

EMPATIA RADICAL  |  Expo 73 Barcelones

City of Dogs

In a city with high density of population, the number of dogs has

also increased to the current situation: we have more dogs than

kids below 12 years old in our neighbourhood. 

We are settled at the north slope of Montjuïc, main destination for pet owners. Our neighbourhood, even belonging to the city centre has been left behind. In a so-called accessible city, walkways are uneven and with inaccessible curbs. Narrow streets and few tiny squares show up,

day after day, covered with uncollected poops. 

Meet Roque, 2 years old, on his way to the kindergarten.

Would he reach it? Would he find a safe clean path?

Will the city belong to dogs? To pet owners? To citizens?

Or how could all together cohabit?


Project: Model Architecture Festival in Barcelona Barcelona vision

Location: Barcelona

Year: 2023

Organizers: Model Festival d’arqutiecture de Barcelona

Team: Gador Luque, Roser Roca, Tereza Nováková

Photographer: LoCa Studio (panel)

POSTER City of Dogs
POSTER City of Dogs
POSTER City of Dogs
POSTER City of Dogs
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