In 2009, the Cabildo de Tenerife organized an ideas competition for the Plaza de la Patrona (the patron Saint Square) in Candelaria. Waterfront and square adequacy for big events as well as town jointure were required.


A holistic project is developed unifying the program and prioritizing mobility. Key elements were disposed strategically along the intervention to extent the new infrastructure impact. The parking was located under the Anton Guanche street, collaborating to link town levels and saving cost by minimizing excavation, possible due to the use of the natural street slope. In the same manner, paths are restored and connected to facilitate walks to the top hill behind the Candelaria church from where it is possible to enjoy magnificent coastal and town views. By creating a sculptural building piece, work of Juan Correa activity is generated on top of the elevation. Furthermore the waterfront is enlarged and space is widening in front of the cave where the Virgin of Candelaria showed up to the guanches (Tenerife aborigines) extending the waterfront and the town sea enjoyment.


As a result, the logical sequence of uses and the importance given to the accessibility and mobility have built a coherent and holistic project which emphasize the Candelaria church's central role and brings neighbors the opportunity to experience closeness to the sea.


Plaza de la Patrona CANDELARIA

Location: Plaza de la Patrona,Candelaria, Tenerife

Surface: 5000 m2

Year: 20109/10

Collaborators: Domingo!¡Ferré