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When we first visited this house, the brief was a small intervention to renovate the kitchen. But when we got to the site and saw the incredible location and views, we proposed that the owners rethink the project and open the house up to Barcelona.

On the same budget they were planning to invest in a kitchen, we transformed the whole house!


The result is a wonderful space connecting the terrace, kitchen and dining room all looking out towards the sea, sky and city.


Wonderful, intelligent and open minded clients who trusted us, allowing us to turn this trust into a better place for them to live :)

BDK Bonet Dream Kitchen

Location: La Mercè, Barcelona

Budget: 30.000 €

Floor Area: 50 m2

Year: 2014

Collaborators: Codi Estudi

LoCa Studio Architects Barcelona
LoCa Studio Architects Barcelona
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