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Located in El Mas Coll, the plot is on a strong slope, surrounded by

local vegetation and a view of the sea in the south part.  

The project aims to maintain and value the natural topography, protecting the privacy of the inhabitants, and giving value to the existing natural elements. The house is open to the landscape, using the concept of the hypogea architecture, connecting itself with the ground and defining a specific point of view of the surroundings. The project is developed on different levels, that accompany the visitor through the discovery of continuous sequences, always maintaining a permeability between exterior and interior.  Alella’s house becomes a refuge for the owners, a protected space to escape to enjoy their time with family and friends surrounded by the woods.  


Location: Alella, Spain

Floor Area: 300 m2

Year: 2023

Collaborators: Maria Lucia Cicero,

Gádor Luque, Ching-Yuan Kao

Alella model
Planta Baja
Planta Primera
Planta Acceso
Planta Cubierta
Acceso Calle
Acceso Vivienda
Piscinas Puente
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