We are experts in giving the right answer to our client's project and dreams.

We have a wide experience in the domestic scale projects, restorations,

interior design, retail and gastronomic spaces. We help the promoters from concept to construction

controlling every step to reduce risks and ensure sucess and happiness.

Complementary we work in urban scale projects, in industrial projects and masterplans.

Our last but not least important field of expertise is consultancy projects in urban-housing  management.

[ LO ] renzo  [ CA ] sanova    was founded in 2008  in Barcelona by Daniel Lorenzo and Carlota Casanova.


Carlota Casanova, Senior Architect & MA

Daniel Lorenzo, Phd Architect & MSc

Alberto Espinosa, Senior Architect

Ingrid Bru, Senior Architect

Michele Ruggiero, Architecture Student

Elena Robatto, Architecture Student

Larissa Quanz, Architecture Student

Cosima Rommel, Architecture Student

Maria Lucia Cicero, Semi Senior Architect

Manuel Orabona, Urban Planner

Krisztina Horvath, Junior Architect

Rebeka Winkler, Architecture Student

Konstantina Stamouli, Architecture Student

Past at LOCA:


María Lordán, Senior Architect

Aina Alemany,  Senior Architect

Carmen Castañs,  Senior Architect

Sònia Lamesa, Senior Architect & MSc

Marta Arrondo, Senior Architect

Clara Garafalo, Senior Architect

Lara Ferrer, Senior Architect

Sara Pecorara, Junior Architect

Olaf Puente, Junior Architect

Bozhena Homonay, Junior Architect

Joe Gibbs, Junior Architect

Eleni Kikidi, Junior Architect

Eleonora Devreux,  Junior Architect

Alesandra Boccardo, Junior Architect

Melissa Agosta, Junior Architect

Giorgos Lazaridis, Junior Architect

Giulia Dentice,  Junior Architect

Carla Lladó, Junior Architect 

Clàudia Calvet,  Junior Architect

Bettisabel Lamelo, Junior Architect & Planner

João Borges, Junior Architect

Nina LeGoff, Junior Architect

Maria Lucia Cicero, Junior Architect

Orsolya Meszaros, Junior Architect

Mónica Páez, Junior Architect

Andrea Cinciripini, Junior Architect

Cristina Requejo, Senior Architect


Alain Teguy, Designer

Jacob Bouman, Engineer

Hanna Marlene Schnell, Interior Designer

Tess Van Impe, Interior Desinger

Anna Oliveras,  Designer

Irina González,  Designer

Jan Chin, Photography

Marta Rabassa, Photography

Yeray Sánchez, WebDesign

Virginia Cuneo, Architecture Student

Ying Tse Wu, Architecture Student

Ya Ju Lee, Architecture Student

Angelo Desole, Junior Architect

M.Beatrice Fenoglio, Architecture Student

Dimitris Rigas, Architecture Student

Davide Ghio, Architecture  Student

Roberto Rossi, Architecture Student

Kuo Huai Hsin, Architecture Student

Ludovica Bruni, Architecture Student

Chan Kai Ting, Architecture Student

Dario Mantovani, Architecture Student

Era Kéri, Architecture Student

Arzum Coban, Architecture Student

Adrià Sánchez, Building Engineer Student

TudorNedelcu, Architecture Student

Noemí López, Architecture Student

Ariadna Balcells, Architecture Student

Teresa Milián,  Architecture Student

Marco Cecchinato, Architecture Student 

Fabio Gandolla, Architecture Student

Sara Walden, Architecture Student

Emma Palem, Architecture Student

Alina Andriescu, Architecture Student

Daniel Ciritel, Architecture Student

Andrea Botta, Architecture Student

Botond Váradi, Architecture Student

Isabel Quiròs, Architecture Student

Samuel Csader, Urban Planning Student

Maria Josep Moliner, Lighting Designer


Jannika Tinter, Comunication

Harold Taboada, Comunication

Erick Cruz, Administration and management


Mar Santamaría, Landscape Architect

Pablo Martínez, Architect & Lighting Specialist

Ciro Cabrera,  Gran Canaria Architect


Past Collaborators:


PartnerTDI Engineers

SAAS Architects

OTG3 Structure Consultants

Marta García Granell, Architect Valencia

Alejandro Rodríguez, Architect Tenerife 

Pepe Ramos, Architect

Nora Pou, Architect

DomingoFerré, Architects

Graph, Architectural visualization + Photography

Eirene Presmanes, Architect

Mar Garrido, Architect

Amado Martín, Architect + Model Maker

Attenya Campos, Architect

THED, Architects

Mònica Roca, Architect

Margalida Canet, Architect

Angel Guzmán, Engineer +  Renewable Energy 

Mario Serrano, Industrial Engineer

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